Alton Probus is a social club for retired or semi- retired men. We meet once a month in Alton, Hampshire for a good lunch, catching up on the local news, and to have a speaker talk to us on a variety of topics. For some members who wish to meet more regularly, an informal lunch is held at a local pub every week. Occasional outings are also arranged varying from canal boating to visits to places of interest such as stately homes and gardens.

This year  we look forward to after lunch talks on a variety of subjects ranging from "Tax Care & Toy Boys" to  "Bank of America Story" and some mysterious titles such as "Life In A Blue Suit".

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and have an even wider range of interests and hobbies. They include Architects, Accountants, Engineers, Chemists, Bankers, Brewers, Teachers and Civil Servants, as well as Officers of the Armed Forces and people who have run their own companies and many more.
Why not come and join us, whether you have a similar background or whether your working life would add to the diversity of professions and businesses already represented. 

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